/ by Katherine Shanks

SKIN&bones Event Cover

LA Artcore at the Brewery Annex
650a South Avenue 21 Los Angeles, CA, 90031
Wed-Sun. 12-5 p.m.
Ph. (323) 276-9320
January 3 - 28th, 2018
Opening Reception - Sunday January 7th 1-3 p.m.
Conversation with The Artist Series: 2 p.m.

LA Artcore is pleased to present an exhibition of new works from Los Angeles artists Katie Shanks and Stephanie Sherwood.

SKIN & bone[s]

Stephanie on Confine:
As a micro look at organic forms trapped within bent wire forms, the Confine Series explores the tension between these two opposing forces. The chaotic and beautiful fleshy shapes bound within the rigidity of a cage. Also included in the group of work shown in “SKIN & bone[s]” is a new sculptural piece entitled “Alpha Canis Majoris”. Bridging work from my longstanding Body Components series with the Confine Series, this work pairs an organic wooden sculpture with a shopping cart. 

“..refuse and corpses show me what I permanently thrust aside in order to live. These body fluids, this defilement, this shit are what life withstands, hardly and with difficulty, on the part of death.”
Julia Kristeva in “Powers of Horror: An Essay on Abjection”

Katie on Ecdysis:
Snakes periodically shed their skins in a process called ecdysis as they develop and grow—leaving behind a casing which once encompassed them, a history of where they have been and remnants of what they once were. While the process is not usually so apparent in humans, it is one that we too go through as different aspects of our identity and presentation no longer fit or serve us. These Sheddings combine skins that are wrappings of each person, their cast-off clothing and belongings are interwoven with imagery they’ve shared on social media (which while recorded ostensibly forever, are often forgotten as soon as the next shareable moment comes along) to create abstract portraits of who they once were—inarguably unique to the individual, but oblique when seen without context or history.